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The chart below shows the most commonly used pipe diameters for a household column construction. In the particular boxes one can find the values that show how many springs one may need to swamp a meter tube and with how high heating power we have to use to make our column work optimally..

 The figure below shows how one should arrange a packing in the column.

Springs should be covered with a specially prepared substrate. A usage of screens, grids or grates, because for this purpose is strongly dissuaded since such support dramatically increases the flow resistance, create congestion which in turn causes that the column is unstable. To support the column packing the most appropriate wires made of thin stainless steel. It is also important to protect the distillation column from the top. It prevents accidental spilling  of the springs. springs. Buying at this auction means that our clients get two specially prepared supports for free !!!

As you one see, the rings (technical springs) offered by our company were designed on the basis of our thorough theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Their shape and material, of which they are made, ensure the maximum achievement at household environment. They are simply the best currently known packing for small rectification columns. First inspirational information about them leaked from the Russian, or to be more specific the Soviet research institutes. They have been developed, inter alia, for the heavy water preparation. 

Thanks to the Internet, information exchange, many discussions and invaluable work of the enthusiasts from Central and Eastern Europe, our technical springs have been adapted for the manufacture of high-grade purified alcohol. This technology constantly attempts to improve. Researchers are looking even better geometry, as well as optimal spring size for  pipes diameters and power heating. With these springs, distillate obtained meets or exceeds the quality of alcohol produced in the vast, tens of meters high industrial columns. See for yourself. Order today.


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